Journalism and Broadcasting

After graduating from Goldsmiths, University of London, Marcus Churchill initially worked as a reporter for United Artists Cable Television in Croydon. He then moved across to his favourite passion, working in radio. He has presented thousands of hours of programmes on LBC Radio, as well as a being a broadcast journalist and newsreader on BBC London 94.9FM, Classic FM and ITN Radio.

He has presented shows from fast-paced news programmes including Breakfast and Drivetime, as well as hosting afternoon, late night and overnight phone-in shows on LBC.


His voiceover work has included videos for the European Union, along with inserts on ITV’s Tonight Show. He has recorded continuity for television stations including National Geographic and the History Channel. For many years he was the voice on what is now Virgin Media‘s telephone service.

Public Relations

More recently he has expanded into PR helping boost the profile of charities including Blue Cross and Scope to name but a few. He has led media training for councillors and MPs, and advised campaigners from CTC cycling group, AiportWatch, Transport 2000 (now Campaign for Better Transport), Friends of the Earth and Living Streets.

Hobbies and Interests

He is a keen musician, is fascinated with news and current affairs, and speaks a little Arabic and Dutch. He is also interested in history, transport, the environment and international affairs.

Marcus is a regular cyclist and takes to two wheels on journeys across south London. He also enjoys swimming and walking.

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