Colour punctuated the skies above south London for the 15th annual Streatham Common Kite Day.

Thousands of spectators, along with professional and amateur kite flyers, were rewarded as the rain cleared for most of the afternoon. Enthusiasts wowed onlookers with their skill and technique on a day that is now a firm favourite in the calendar. The original event in April was postponed as Streatham Common was too waterlogged following a wet winter that felt as if it was never going to end. This was payback time.

There were moments when you could easily forget you were in Streatham, on the borders of Lambeth and Croydon boroughs: a vast open green space, thrilling and inspiring kite teams with balletic displays set to music as their kites twisted and swooped, rapidly turned and soared up again towards the sky.  Special praise to Team Spectrum and Cascade Kite Displays who dazzled me, along with the Indian kite team whose performance was set to evocative Indian sitar music. A particular favourite of mine!

Click on photos to open the Streatham Common Kite Day 2013 gallery:

On cloud nine

There were dozens of stalls with everything from Windrush Kites selling all you need to get kite flying, to Pets as Therapy dogs – who had the busiest  stall all day! And the Streatham Society, a must for local history buffs. Top marks also to the man on PA system who set the tone perfectly, despite the challenge of having to call for parents of lost children at an alarmingly high rate.

The relaxed atmosphere was particularly striking. The day had the feel of an English country fair, but with a modern rich mix of cultures. All creeds, all races and all classes mixing in and sharing a very special moment.

If only every day was Streatham Common Kite Day

At a time of austerity with community events vanishing into thin air, this was the perfect antidote, bringing people together. In a city where we are often accused of `living apart together’, this event helped restore faith in the best of humanity.

Free community events – open to all – like Streatham Common Kite Day help bind us together and allow us, for one special day, to reach for the skies.

2 responses »

  1. Jane says:

    I was at Kite Day and it’s one of the nicest days out in Streatham. Great article. 🙂

  2. allison brown says:

    Looks fabulous wish I could have been there may need to put it in my calender now.

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